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Areas of expertise

Project Management

  • Project Control Officer (PCO)
  • Project Manager
  • Program Manager
    • Business Analyst
    • Business Architect
    • Business Intelligence Advisor
    • Change Management Advisor
    • Software Developer

 Financial Services

  • Financial Advisor
  • Financial Planner
  • Investment Representative
    • Analyst
    • Account Officer
    • Manager
    • Private Banker
    • Vice President

Sales and Marketing

  • Account Director
  • Business Development Director
  • Sales Representative
    • Brand Ambassador
    • Marketing Director
    • Sales Engineer
    • Sales Manager 
    • Vice President

Our Services

Meven services address both candidates seeking to upgrade their skills and companies seeking to optimize their business strategies. Our available options:

  • Sales and Marketing Training Academy.
    • For candidates, nothing is more frustrating than stagnation. Meven offers you the possibility to refine your skills and drive your career forward with our sales and marketing training.
      For more information, see our Candidate section
    • For companies, enrolment can help improve business performance and success.
      There are three options to choose from: seminar (1–2 days), intensive program (1–4 weeks) and/or in-company training (tailor-made training and development services).
  • Our recruitment and staff management services
    • For candidates, Meven accompanies you throughout your search to find the right job for you regardless of your field of specialization. Our consultants will present you with offers in the fields of sales, representation, customer service or project management should these areas interest you. We guarantee quality follow-up with the aim of finding you a job that matches your skill set.
    • For companies, success is measured by market responsiveness, competitive effectiveness and workforce quality. Acquiring top talent is key to your business’ future. Meven places its recruitment and staff management expertise at your disposal for permanent, full-time or part-time positions. We tailor our solutions to your business growth cycle and can help you to elaborate a recruitment and candidate search strategy (hiring and integration).
      For more information, see our Employer section.
  • Our strategic consultation and business optimization services
    • For companies, our team of experts offers personalized consultative services. After establishing a plan of action together with you, Meven will accompany you in achieving your priority objectives—whether your focus is on growing your business or streamlining its performance—providing you with a host of employee performance, customer experience, training, sales, marketing and business development management services.
      For more information, see our Employer section.