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Areas of expertise

Project Management

  • Project Control Officer (PCO)
  • Project Manager
  • Program Manager
    • Business Analyst
    • Business Architect
    • Business Intelligence Advisor
    • Change Management Advisor
    • Software Developer

 Financial Services

  • Financial Advisor
  • Financial Planner
  • Investment Representative
    • Analyst
    • Account Officer
    • Manager
    • Private Banker
    • Vice President

Sales and Marketing

  • Account Director
  • Business Development Director
  • Sales Representative
    • Brand Ambassador
    • Marketing Director
    • Sales Engineer
    • Sales Manager 
    • Vice President


Human resources are a value added component to your business!

Meven offers you a host of customized and consultative services to fulfil all of your competitive, human resources and business strategy needs.

Our strategic consultation and business optimization services

Our experts offer you personalized consultative services tailored to your challenges. At Meven we know that your Sales, Customer Service and Project Management departments are at the core of your business. Our tailored business solutions will allow you to win new accounts, identify new opportunities for growth and increase your performance. Our areas of expertise include employee performance evaluation, customer experience, training, sales, marketing, recruitment and hiring processes as well as strategic and business development management.

If you have any questions or require more information about our strategic consultation and business optimization services, contact us.

Our recruitment and staff management services

Meven is the answer to all of your staffing requirements. Acquiring top talent is key to your business’ future. Meven places its recruitment and staff management expertise at your disposal for permanent, full-time or part-time positions. We tailor our solutions to your business growth cycle and can help you to elaborate a recruitment strategy that meets your expectations. Meven can help you to search for, select and integrate candidates, providing you with analysis, selection and background check services that will allow you to surround yourself with and retain tomorrow’s talent.

  • Short-term staffing service
  • If you require temporary or very skilled, experienced staff, Meven is the solution for you. We can:
    • provide for your contractual staffing needs for periods ranging from a few days to 3 months;
    • manage staff selected by us for you, as well as handle related logistics including wages;
    • provide teams and/or specific individuals according to your needs.
  • Permanent staffing service
    As we are aware that a permanent position represents a significant investment in time and money, Meven team applies a rigorous selection process to identify relevant and appropriate candidates that will integrate seamlessly into your organization. In order to accomplish this:
    • we conduct interviews and comprehensive background checks of candidates to assess their assets, skills, knowledge, and attitudes;
    • we help you in making your final choices and provide follow-up after hiring;
    • we take score; providing both candidates and companies the opportunity to assess the candidate’s motivation, skills and integration with organizational culture so as to measure the satisfaction rate of both parties.

If you have any questions or require more information about our recruitment and staff management services, contact us